Journal #4

Americanization is more than adopting culture, speech and cloth.
It also involves acquiring of political ideas that are relevant to America.
The delegates had a close connection with state, regional, religious, and economic interests.
Federalism was also addressed by the convention.
During the convention, the delegates used the constitution as a draft for delegates, which had departed from the plan of Virginia.
A federal plan was presented by the New Jersey Plan, which relied on military coercion.
Eventually, the convention managed to form a constitution which was both federal and constitutional.
Interests of circumstances divided states. The other read from the book is that the features of the constitution accommodated the differences that existed between south and north.
Later, there was an agreement to prohibit national government from imposing export duties (Farmer, 2010).
The division of states was not base on size but interests and circumstances.
The constitution has features that have resulted from southern and northern accommodation.
The things that the constitution constituted of were not easy to disentangle. Merit in the government is encouraged by the constitution.
This is crucial role that the constitution plays in to the government. I also learnt that the highest aim in law-making is liberty.
It functions as the supreme function point that attempts to limit the government.
There are other facts contained in the book. The future of American’s politics is foreshadowed to be vital in relation to minimization of political welfare due to common interest. In American legislature, layers have dominated. The ruling elements in every government seek to favor its ideas and advantages. Separation of the arms of the government is feature that is fundamental in the national government. When power is divided, it cannot be easily misused. The design of the constitution entirely depends on judiciary and executive which are capable of changing the legislature. The most influential factor in politics is the constitution. Victories and defeats are seen where everything is simple and clear. Procedural and positive are the two divisions of the bill and its content. The facts in the book are significant in understanding the structure of the national government (Farmer, 2010).
In the constitution, declaration shapes American order of politics and its nature (Farmer, 2010). This prevents giving of absolute power to the governing bodies. To be able to understand this fact, there is great need of comparing colonies before and after Declaration of Independence. The principles of the government were separated by the declaration from Britain. Many changes favored the citizens such as the right of individuals would be the political focus, and colonies would not affect the society negatively.
The function of the public administration is to offer services to the public (Farmer, 2010). The declaration and the constitution are unique since they focus on American politics and American culture.

However, some people would misuse the constitution and the declaration with an aim of showing the negative framework of the two documents. In this sense, such people tend to benefit their personal interest. Power separation in the arms of the government benefits the governing bodies more than the public. The public only enjoys a small percentage of the same. When power is too much separated, decision making to some extent becomes difficult and this makes implementation of public interest very slow. When powers are too much splinted, the structure of the governing body becomes weak and diluted. The content of the Bill ensures that individual’s rights are adhered to and incorporated in the law. However, a bill can also be misinterpreted in a negative way and its fact and principle becomes ignored. The administrators and individuals can distort or neglect a bill using the law and hence leading misinterpretation of a responsibility.
The public administrators should be able to understand the history behind the politics and government (Farmer, 2010). This will allow effective public administration. History is the only way to help individuals grow in any profession. The citizens should also understand the past and the future of the government structure. In addition, public administrators should know the role of the Bill of Rights. This will help in combating despotism in different levels of the framework of the government. The bill of right directly affects the citizens and therefore, it is important to know about it. Administrators should protect such rights for public interest.

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