How the British should have won the Revolutionary War

The revolutionary war, also referred to as American revolutionary war, began in 1775. The war involved both the American and the British soldiers. However, this was finally ended by the Paris treaty in 1783. Great Britain was then forced to recognize the independence of the thirteen United State colonies. The revolutionary war had a significant benefit because it led to the birth of a fresh country. For more than a decade, there was significant tension that existed between the American colonies and the Great Britain colonies1. The government of Britain then had passed various laws, increasing controls over the American colonies. The Americans did not like this because they were used to the fact that they had control over their own local government. They, therefore, rejected these new laws and also refused to be taxed without their own permission.
At the beginning of 1775, the British government got tired of the rejection by the American government. Therefore, they declared Massachusetts a city, and this became the center of protests and rebellion between the two governments. It was during this time that the troops from Britain were placed in Boston. This was in order to take immediate action against the American rebels, shortly after the war broke out. However, both colonies were unprepared for this war. This was indicated by lack of a central government, and they also did not have trained forces to battle in the war. It was during this time that the delegates were formed for the initial continental congress. This continental congress took over the duty of the national government. One of their key roles in this war was to direct various war efforts. They also organized navy and army soldiers who fought in this war. The person who appointed as commander in chief of the continental army was George Washington. George Washington was a former military officer who was wealthy and who owned large tracts of land in America.
In the following year, which was 1776, the continent congress adapted a declaration for their nations independence. Here, the colonies were able to declare their freedom from the British rule. The British government was able to launch this revolutionary action against the American colonies. They had a large and an appropriately trained navy and army officers. They were deployed in the huge land, in America, and also at sea in order to crush this revolutionary. However, one of the significant constraints that they faced was the fact that they had to transport these soldiers through the Atlantic Ocean
The supply of their army was also done through the Atlantic Ocean and this made their operations difficult. In the process of this war, the British government won many battles. However, they were not able to gain anything from this victory because the Americans were organized. In the process, they were able to form new forces and continue with the fight. They were also able to protect their wealth or their properties so that the British colonies could not take advantage of them. This is the primary cause as to why, although the British won numerous battles, they would not get anything from these victories2.
When the revolutionary war erupted in the American colonies, the British army was not logically prepared. This was unlike the logistics that had been adapted by the rebelling colony, that is the American colonies. Despite more than three thousand miles of lines of communications that the British side had to deal with, they ensured that their soldiers were well. This is especially in terms of the equipment they had and adequate food to ensure they did not starve. This is the fact that it had never been repeated for more than one hundred years. However, it was until World War II while the allied soldiers invaded North America. However, this time there were no shortcomings. This is especially in the section of the resupply system. Before they got the chance to be identified and collected, they had significantly contributed to the defeat of the British army (Todd, 2001).
After looking at the situation by which the British colonies supplied their army it is clear that this highly affects the operations of the military. This is especially in the absence or the presence of various commodities that are critical in these operations. On the other hand, inadequate supply of the reserves used during war, insufficient transport services, lack of a coherent strategy in order to maximize on the British loyalist support made sure that Britain failed. Britain also failed due to widespread corruption together with combined generalship. These are also the key factors that made the British army fight guerilla war. This is the only war that United States of America hoped for a long time, to win.
The present military relevance in Britain was created by the Britain experience during the America’s revolutionary war. However, there have been numerous changes in the British military. This is especially in the organizational and technological sectors making the military be fully advanced. However, despite these numerous changes, there are struggles among the United States military force concerning the various issues that plagued the resupply effort of Britain military. Many logisticians say that the army is still adequately faced with the challenge of supplying their forces. This is mostly to those distances that are quite long.

They are also faced with the challenge of overcoming various resource issues, and overreliance on the host nation’s support. In addition, it is crucial to note that various military operations will fail if the logistics before the operations are not planned adequately.
It is pertinent to note that this study’s conclusion looks at the advantages and disadvantages of the revolutionary war to the American and the British soldiers. At the end of the seven years with which the revolutionary war lasted, there were numerous benefits reaped by the colonists. A few of the colonist who lived in the British North America objected to their place in the British Empire. In fact, until in the 1790s, some of the British soldiers were still in America, but they still left their American colonies. This revolutionary war changed almost everything in America and in Britain. Most of the Britain policies were highly influenced, and in most cases they had to form various administrations that would govern the country. They also started enforcing tax laws while placing more troops to confront the Americans, and this led to numerous conflicts between the two nations. This war also made the relationship between the British administration and that of America acrimonious and stained1.
On the other hand, the Americans highly benefited from this war. They were able to attain their own freedom from the British colonists. One of the key reasons as to why the Americans were able to win this war is because they were adequately prepared. They had with them numerous modern weapons which was a complete opposite thing for the British soldiers. They would gather war powder and various arms, which would be used during the war. They had also been training their soldiers so that in case the war broke out they would be prepared to fight the British soldiers. This gave them confidence such that even when they went to the battle field, they managed to fight the British soldiers. This is how the Americans were able to acquire their independence from the British colonists.
Despite the above, few mentioned advantages of the revolutionary war, there were some disadvantages. The worst disadvantage is the reality that a lot of British and American soldiers died during the war. They also wasted a lot of their time that would be utilized in the growth of their nation in this war. Instead of the war, both nations would have concentrated with trade and having other relation that would be beneficial to both of the nations. Another disadvantage is that this war led to some families losing their loved ones while others opted to migrate to other nations, which looked safer. Most people moved to neighboring nations in order to seek peace because fighting for seven years is not a short duration. Most People thought that this would last forever, and it made them uncomfortable, so they moved2.

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