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Due to the increasing demand for employment, there has been creation of new types of jobs. One of these new jobs is the work of being essay writers in the writing service companies. This kind of job had not been there before the invention of the internet. At the beginning essay writers were not making enough money as their job was not recognized by many. As the pace of technology picked up so did the role of the essay writers in the writing service companies. The writing service companies cannot function without essay writers. Essay writers are employees of the writing service companies. Essay writers are paid by the writing service for every work that they do. The writing service providers cater to two types of people in the world: the essay writers who get money and the clients who get their papers done. Essay writers are people who have dedicated their lives to earning from their writings. Writing service companies depend on the students who give them work and pay for it. Without the students the writing service would not exist.

Students especially those who are in college, are the largest number of clients for the writing service companies. High students also on occasion have their work done by the online companies’ writers. Students give their orders to the companies who then direct this work to the writers. The companies pay the writers when the work has been finalized and the client is pleased with the work. The writers are required to write well so that they get more clients and therefore more money on their part. Writers depend heavily on the number of clients who need papers; the more papers ordered then the more the writer makes.

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