Common application short essay

There is a raging debate in the public spheres concerning the authenticity of application short essays and the justification for their use by students while making their admission applications to the major colleges and universities around the world. The debate is prompted by the trending shift from the long traditional admission essays, ranging from the three to four pages, to the short essays that hardly fit a page while making admission applications. The latest research survey reveals that there are lots and lots of advantages concerning the use of common application short essay by the students seeking admission into the world class universities.
The salient feature of the short admission short essay is their high level of readability, coherence and individualized nature that altogether work to the advantage of the college admission applicants. The short essays bring out the individual strengths of the applicants in a manner that they distinguish them from the thousands and thousands of competitors most of whom are very aggressive towards the few available admission opportunities.

They manage to make the strengths, activities and areas of interest to the precise, of the applicants stick out strongly by using very short words.
In addition, the admission short essay samples are strikingly coherent as opposed to the ones done by individual applicants. In this way, the essays are done to communicate one subject at a time to the college admission panel. Consequently, the specialized short admission essays keep the applicants from sounding busy, superficial and scattered in the way they expressed themselves. This is the quality of the short admission essays that give them their inherent ability to secure applicants admission into colleges.

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